Who We Are

IAI is an Software as a Service (SaaS), providing insurance administration software and services to small and mid-size life and health insurance companies, banks, and financial services organizations.

What We Do

IAI hosts, manages, and maintains policy and client administration software for a wide range of life, health, credit / debt cancellation, and annuity products. You can elect to run the software on IAI’s server or yours, with the server located at your office or connected remotely to your office from IAI’s data center. IAI provides whatever level of implementation support you choose, from complete system set up and policy conversion support, to technical assistance, project management, and training options.

How We Do It

IAI is a business partner of MANAGEMENT DATA, INC. (MDI), a developer of insurance industry administration software, based in Birmingham, Alabama. MDI has been in business since 1982, providing group and individual life insurance providers with quality software solutions. Through its affiliation with MDI, IAI has access to FIMMAS, MDI’s Flexible Insurance Marketing, Management, and Administration System. FIMMAS gives IAI the ability to quickly set up support for a wide variety of insurance products. This gives you fast, cost-effective, customized support of your products and streamlined access to state-of-the-art technology.

Visit WWW.MGTDATA.COM for a detailed look at FIMMAS features for full-function insurance administration

The IAI Advantage

Access to the most advanced business functionality available.
Fast customization and implementation of new or complex products.
Reduced start-up and acquisition costs.
Reduced ongoing administrative costs.
Access to state-of-the-art technology, security, and recovery capability without major capital investments.
Ability to start small and incrementally add capacity for a growing volume of business.
Predictable, consistent IT costs